The Sick Children's Trust

While Martha Grace was being cared for at Great Ormond Street, Mammi & Daddy we're accommodated at the Sick Children's Trust house on Guilford Street.

The house is not even a 10 minute walk from GOSH and each bedroom has a telephone which is directly linked to the hospital - all you need is to dial the ward's extension number. The room was absolutely perfect for what we needed, clean and comfortable. The house comprises nine bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen where each family has a shelf of their own in the fridge and a cupboard to themselves, a playroom, a living room and full laundry facilities.

For families like us spending several weeks at a time in hospital (there are others who are there for months at a time) it's a huge weight off our shoulders that charities like this exist and that accommodation is offered free of charge. However it costs almost £30 per night to accommodate a family and the SCT are not Government funded.

Mark has already vowed to raise money for this amazing charity by doing a sponsored bike ride next year (he has a lot of training to do first - he also needs a bike)

If you would like more information on this amazing charity please visit their website