People who will never know how grateful we are

1) The sonographer at the 20 week scan who found out there was anything wrong in the first place, I wish I knew her name - without her we wouldn't have this opportunity to give Martha the best chance in life;
2) My Brother, Gavin, for having a Heart Condition (unrelated) - without him being cared for in London, we would never have been seen ourselves by GOSH;
3) My Mother for crying and begging for help on the Phone with my Brother's Doctor;
4) Dr Maria Teresa Tome Esteban (Gavin's Doctor) for asking her colleague to get in touch with us;
5) Dr Ian Sullivan and the whole team at Great Ormond Street & UCLH - for taking us on, and for giving Martha a chance;

6) My Sister (Melissa), Nain and Taid for being happy enough to move in to our house for the duration of our stay in London to look after our other two Children (and my Friends & other Family members for helping out too);
7) My Parents - for being there and keeping me going, for asking the questions we were too numb to think of during the first few days post-op;
8) Nan & Granddad - for taking a few worries off our mind and for being there with us in London while we got through some of our darkest days;

9) My Family & Friends for their unwavering support over the past few months and for being so generous with their time/ cards/ gifts since we've returned home;
10) The Consultants (Dr Ian Sullivan and Dr Graham Derrick) The Surgeon's (Martin Kostolny and Victor Tsang) and the anaesthetists involved in the operations. 
11) Every single Doctor and Nurse who looked after Martha in Intensive Care and High Dependency Ward. For the care they gave Martha and for the support and confidence they gave us as her parents. They are an absolute credit not only to GOSH, but to the NHS aswell;  
12) My Children, Osh & Isabella for being a distraction, not letting me sit around and mope all day during my pregnancy and for being so brave while Mammi & Daddy were in London for so long;
13) My Husband, Mark, for being him - and being there, going through the nightmare with me;
14) Finally - to anyone who has ever read this blog :-)