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As I have already said I created this blog because I couldn't find anyone on-line who had travelled this road before us. If you are a family facing a similar situation I would love to hear from you - no matter which corner of the earth you are from. Sometimes; just knowing you're not the first to go through it and realising you won't be the last can make all the difference. I would also welcome a guest post from a Family in a similar situation, being a Heart Condition, difficult pregnancy or anything you want support for. I will also guest post for your Blog if you believe it would be of interest to your readers.
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This is a new blog, but already my readership is growing daily :-) 

If you are a Children's and/or Heart Charity looking to promote a fundraising event I would love to hear from you. Equally if you have some helpful information regarding any type of Heart Condition I would be delighted to post it on my site and link to yours. If you would like to guest post, or would like me to guest post for you I would be more than happy to oblige.
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Thanks again for your support - believe me, just the thought that someone has stopped by for a read is making a world of difference.