The end of another 6-months

6-months sounds like a long time, the older I get the more I am amazed at how quickly the year's whizz by. When I was at school, each term seemed to last forever.

It was at the end of October when we last made our way to London to meet Martha's Cardiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We were over the moon that he was happy to keep us on 6-month appointments. April always seemed so far away, but here we are and it's April 3rd already. With two weeks of Easter Holidays to look forward to, I know that the end of the month will soon be upon us and we'll be on that train again heading down to the Big Smoke before we know it.
6-months between appointment always seemed like a distant dream for us. We were lucky enough to experience it once in 2014, but we spent the next few years going to GOSH at least once every three months. 6-months is just long enough that we actually start to feel like a normal family, sometimes I can even forget that Martha even has a Heart Condition and a Pacemaker.

Martha has never displayed any symptoms of her condition *touch wood*. People are always surprised when I tell them everything she's been through. She's doing really well in school, enjoys swimming lessons at the weekend and has a happy and chilled out nature to her character. If anything, that makes it harder to accept that she isn't well, makes it harder to think about everything she's been through and makes it harder to accept when we're told she needs further intervention.

Martha hasn't needed surgery since her Pacemaker generator was replaced in March 2017. This is the longest we've ever been without her needing some kind of surgery. It has been amazing to be able to plan our lives in 6-month chunks rather than 3-months. It's been great that we were able to take the kids for their first holiday abroad last year. But I'm greedy, I want to be able to do it again.

I want good news at the end of the month because I want to be able to make plans for the summer holidays, I want to book our next family holiday. Last summer, my Taidy's cancer diagnosis took the shine out of what should have been a care-free summer. After cruelly losing him a couple of days before Christmas, I think 2019 should be a year where nothing bad happens. As a family, I think we deserve that.

But just in case we don't get the news that we want on the 29th, I'm going to cram in as much fun as I can into our Easter Holidays. As many picnics as we can manage, take as many photos as I can and make the most out of our National Trust membership. I'm going to make the most out the time I have without bad news.



  1. So glad that Martha is doing so well. Hope you have a lovely Easter holiday and will be thinking of you at the end of the month and hoping all goes well with Martha’s check-up xx

    1. Thanks Louise, that really means a lot. I'll be thinking of you also xxx