Siblings || April 2019

April 16th, a significant date in our family story. Today is the 6 year anniversary of our 20-week scan with Martha Grace. We had woken up that day excited to see our baby on the screen again and to find out if we were having a pink or a blue one.

6 years ago our lives were changed irreversibly. That was a pivotal moment in our lives and our marriage, we always talk about our lives pre and post 16th April 2013.

Regardless of what the weather was doing today, there was no way I was spending the day at home. This morning both girls had an eye test and chose new glasses, then we popped into Greggs for a packet of Sausage Rolls to take with us to Penrhyn Castle. I'd packed our trusty flask and mugs ready for a Panad once we got there.

The National Trust have teamed up with Cadbury's again this year, so we took part in their Easter Egg Hunt. As many times as we've visited the Castle, I've never walked around the Walled Gardens. The colours were beautiful and it was the perfect spot to take a photo of my three beautiful children.

Martha's next appointment at Great Ormond Street Hospital is less than a fortnight away, I have no idea which way it will swing. But this time 6 years ago, a day out like today was merely a pipe dream. This is what we wanted, three happy and healthy children.

This month Osian has been enjoying band practise with his school friends. He has been having lessons at School for almost three years, he has a set of Electric Drums at his Dad's and my father has now given him an amplifier that he can connect to it for practice. This is the longest that Osh has ever stuck out at something so I'm quite chuffed with him.
We had parents evening earlier in the month, all of the teachers complimented him on being a polite young lad, albeit one that daydreams a little too much during lessons (he gets that from his Mammi, sorry Osh).

Little Miss Isabella has been a bit under the weather this month, she was sent home from school with a tummy ache at the beginning of April and she's been complaining of a headache since Sunday. Her eye test this morning didn't flag anything up, but her prescription has changed and she needs new glasses, so hopefully, she'll see an improvement once she has them.

Miss Martha Grace wasn't well at the beginning of the month either but quickly recovered from whichever bug she picked up. She's over the moon to be off school for a couple of weeks and is happy that Mammi has a few days off for day's out and picnics too. She's put in a request for my next shopping trip, a pair of ripped jeans! I've no idea why she wants a pair of ripped jeans but I sincerely hope I can find her a pair on my next shopping trip to Chester with my Mam.

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  1. A very significant date for you all – so glad that Martha is doing so well 6 years on. I can so relate to how life feels very divided with the before and after significant dates. Hope that all goes well with Martha’s appointment in a couple of weeks. Love your girls’ matching coats. Glad that Osh is enjoying playing his electric drums and hope that Isabella’s new glasses help. Glad that Martha is feeling better too x