Me & Mine || April 2019

Easter came and went in a flash. We had amazing weather and we really did make the most of it. As much as I am a home-bird, I can get a terrible case of cabin fever if I spend too long indoors.
Keen to explore another National Trust property, on Good Friday we headed to Speke Hall (along with the rest of the population of the North-West, judging by how busy it was).

It was sunny when we left home, but by lunchtime, we were sweltering in the heat. We found a spot on the lawn for our picnic, had a walk around the House, walked along the coastal path to watch the Planes take-off and land at the airport, we had ice cream in the sun. It was a great family day.

I only just remembered I needed a "Me and Mine" photo for April, so we grabbed a quick one in front of the House on our way to the play area. It's only now that I've uploaded it that I realise it's actually quite blurry and that neither Mark or myself even took our sunnies off. Such amateurs.

I ended last month's post saying that I hope we'd be just as happy for our next photo, Martha's appointment has hung over us for the past few weeks. I'm pleased to report that we were given another 6-months clear until our next appointment. I'll go into better detail in another post when I've had time to get my head around it.

6 years ago, my world was falling apart after a Fetal Echo with the worst Paediatric Cardiologist I've ever met. But for the next 6-month at least, I can enjoy summer as a family of 5.


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