Me? Run?

On Sunday morning I was up at the crack of dawn to make sure I was awake and ready for the 10k race I'd been enrolled in with work.
I'd bought myself some Primark activewear, got myself a pair of Skechers from QVC, pinched Mark's wireless headphones, downloaded the Couch to 5k app and found a load of running playlists on Spotify. It was going be easy, I had all the gear - but no idea.

I started off really well and went out for a run a couple of times a week and I felt like I was making good progress using the Couch to 5k app. But then I just stopped. Once I stopped I just couldn't get back into the groove of coming home, putting the kids to bed and then heading out in the cold. Probably, starting in January wasn't the best idea either, when it's cold and still dark outside.

So, Sunday 3rd March arrived and off I went to meet the rest of our team at the start line. I had the nervous butterflies in my tummy feeling and kept asking myself "what the hell am I thinking?".

I stayed with two of my colleagues the whole way around; we jogged a little, had a nosey at all the cute little houses on the waterfront, jogged a little more, power walked and cheered others that passed us in the opposite direction on their last stretch to the finish line.

Eventually, we made it to the finish line ourselves, soaked from the rain and a bloodied blister leaving a massive stain on my lovely grey Skechers. But, we did it. We completed the course. We didn't get a heroic time, but we had done it...10k in the rain - together. Having the girls with my mother cheering me on at the finish line really felt special. To be fair, my legs don't feel as bad as I thought they would have. 

But I wonder, if I had continued with the Couch to 5k app, or even better if I'd have started training earlier - how would I have managed? Could I have actually run the whole course or at least two-thirds of it?

So, I want to carry on with my running. Only a couple of nights a week, which should get much easier as the evenings go lighter when the clocks go forward at the end of the month.  I had a mad half an hour last night when I thought I'd enter the Conwy half marathon in November as a goal to work towards but quickly came to my senses. So I'll just enter the Anglesey 10k in March 2020 instead.

So I've written about it now, which usually means I feel more inclined to stick to something. I want the buzz that I felt yesterday, being part of an event that people travel from across the North Wales coast to participate in. 


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