Me & Mine || March 2019

Sometimes I set my expectations really high and I'm left bitterly disappointed when things don't go to plan. Other times, I don't have any expectations and I'm pleasantly surprised by how things have turned out. That probably is the best way to explain how my "Me & Mine" photo's have been coming along so far in 2019.

In January, it was a terribly windy day in Dinas Dinlle where I somehow managed to get the kids to sit still in the cold long enough for my sister to take a photo and I'd already prepared myself for the fact it wasn't going to be great, but the photo turned out great. With a week of amazing weather in February I had high hopes that I'd get a stunning photo of the 5 of us together in Bodnant Gardens, but then Mark mistook my backdrop frame for my camera tripod which meant that he needed to be behind the camera taking the photo rather than in front of it with us.

March, I love.
It was a lovely sunny morning so we decided that after we'd had some lunch we'd just go down the road to Plas Newydd. The kids could have a run around in the play, we'd take our flask with us for a panad and then we'd have a little walk around the grounds. Also, I needed to take this months photo.

We took this photo on the steps my the Terraced Italian Gardens and it's turned out perfect. The kids were great and all smiled at the camera at the same time (thank God for self-timer) and I don't look too dreadful either.

Martha has she cheesiest smile, Osh's hair is in desperate need of a cut but his smile looks happier now that he hasn't got his dental blocks. Isabella is exactly like her father and adopted the perfect pose.

I've asked for this photo to be framed as my Mother's Day present this year.

We had to take the photo twice because out of everyone, Mark was the one messing around. When I went back to my camera to make sure the photos were OK, he was laughing his head off and I knew he'd done something - he'd put his hood up and made a strange face at the camera. As punishment, I'm putting this one up too.
April is going to be such a busy month and I can't wait for the Easter Holidays. This time next month we'll know the outcome of Martha's Cardiac Review appointment which terrifies me. I just hope we are still as happy as we were last weekend.


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