Me & Him - 8 years married

After 8 years of being Husband and Wife, I think we can safely say we have this whole "Marriage" thing nailed. As each year passes, I come to realise more and more how much we balance each other out. We are equally strong and take it in turns to support the one that needs it.

Over the past few months, I've had to lean on Mark a lot more than usual. In the weeks leading up to my Taids passing, I was spending more and more time with my Grandparents, as well as working. Some evenings I wouldn't come home until late, some mornings I was gone before the kids had woken up. He took control of our little family, taking the kids to breakfast club and keeping on top of the washing, cooking meals and prepping the packed lunches.

We were like ships passing in the night over the Christmas holidays, we had boxing day and the 27th as a family then it was back to work and spending time with my Grandmother and my Mam, making arrangements for the funeral. It was where I felt I needed to be and where I wanted to be. He continued to hold the fort at home and was always there with a panad whenever I needed to decompress or cry.

He's never been one for grand gestures, he's not soppy, but he is amazing when the going gets tough and never grumbles when I put more and more on him. 

Then, when Isabella fell at school and chipped the corner of her tooth it was my turn to talk him down from the edge of a breakdown as she sat in a dentist chair hoping she won't lose her tooth. It was my turn to remind him that a lost tooth is nothing in comparison to what we've faced as parents so far.

Hopefully, the rest of the year will be kinder. There won't be any tough challenges to overcome and we can enjoy a quiet year.


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