Me & Mine || January 2019

Yay to more photo's of us all wearing navy coats. 

I haven't been taking part in the Me & Mine Project for the past couple of years, but one of my goals for this year was to try to keep it up so that I have at least one photo of us as a family each month. All that I have left of my Taidy now are the memories we made and I'm grateful that I have the photos as something tangible to hold on to.
Being in the hospitality industry, there's no such thing as a weekend. My days off fall during the week, which I love because I can do my big shop while everyone else is at work so the shops are quiet. I can also do my housework when the kids are at school so the house stays clean and tidy until they get home at least. But when I do get a weekend off from work, they feel all the more special and I appreciate the time with Mark and the kids.

We love taking a walk along Dinas Dinlle beach; it's a very special place for us as it's where Mark and I got engaged almost 9 years ago. The wind was really strong on Sunday and the waves were ferocious. We walked halfway across the beach and gave up. We had a flask of tea and a packet of biscuits waiting for us in the car.

My family had come along too as we had made plans for a carvery at a local pub on our way back, so thankfully my sister was on hand to take a photo of the five of us. I didn't have to start my year of Me & Mine with a photo in our living room.
You can tell how cold we all are by the look on our faces, but there was no way I was getting back in the car without a photo of us in our favourite place. My kids are pretty much used to me with my big camera now, I've stopped trying to coax them now and I just tell them that all I want is at least one nice photo and that once I get it then I'll leave them alone. Mark is the most photogenic guy I've ever known, yet he hates having to be in photos.

So I've started 2019 as I mean to go on, fully committing to making sure I get one photo of my little family every month for a year. I wonder where we'll be next month.


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