January highlights

I can never relax when things are going well; it's as if I know that as soon as I begin to relax something bad comes out of nowhere to disrupt things. As long as I have something to worry about, then nothing can surprise me.

This often steals my attention from the really good things going on in our life and makes me a rather difficult person to live with. So this year, I've decided to try and talk myself down from the edge and remind myself of all the good that I have to be grateful for.
A lovely send-off for my Taidy
We lost my amazing Taidy a few days before Christmas and the first date available at the Crematorium was 7th January. The date hung over us over the New Year and it was hard to look forward to 2019 knowing I had to make it through his funeral first. I'm not saying that his funeral was a highlight but seeing how many people had come to pay their respects to him really did make my heart swell with pride.

He started his career as a delivery driver for an electrical wholesaler and worked his way up to being a sales rep. He adored his job, driving up and down the North Wales coast all week long visiting customers. As we were going through his briefcase we found letters from his head office congratulating him on a successful year of sales, one dating back to 1975. He was an amazing man and it was amazing to see how well thought of he was and to have been able to give him the send off he deserved

Meeting with Mark's family in Cheshire Oaks for Dinner
Mark is from Liverpool and as we live on Anglesey, between work and just Life, we don't get to see his family much. Last weekend we arranged to meet his brothers in Cheshire Oaks for a mooch around the shops and a meal together. We have a 4-year-old nephew and it's always lovely for the kids to catch up with their cousin, messing around and having fun. They're all at such a lovely age, have formed such an incredible friendship and I can't wait to watch them grow up together. Sometimes I worry that we don't get together often enough but it only makes the time we spend together all the more important. We grown-ups got to enjoy chatting over dinner and putting the world to rights.

A week off at the end of January
I usually take a week off from work over my birthday; while I was at school my birthday always fell during February half term and I've carried on taking my weeks holiday at this time out of habit ever since. Work closed for a couple of weeks for maintenance at the end of January ready for a busy year ahead so I've taken my week in January instead. I've not done much, I've pottered around the house and had a few slow days, I've had a day out shopping with my Mam and spent time with my family. I caught a raging cold over the new year and it really took it out of me, everyone said it was because I was run down and weaker because of losing my Taid. Taking this time now to look after myself should re-charge my batteries and it's given me time to work out what I want to focus on for the rest of the year.

Celebrating Mam turning 50
She's been adamant that she's not celebrating her birthday, but I know my Taidy wouldn't take that from her and would want her to celebrate a milestone as huge as turning 50. We went for a family roast on Sunday, we're taking her out for brunch today and next Sunday we have a big family meal planned for her complete with an indulgent Birthday Cake from my favourite cake designer, Hayley's Piped Dreams. She is the hardest person to buy gifts for so it's going to be money in a card for her, but she'd rather that than having a gift she has no need or want for.

New work-out gear to start preparing for the Anglesey 10k
I hated PE at school, I never put any effort in. I enjoyed playing rounders or hockey, but when it came to cross country season I would always walk the route so I'd only have to go around one, rather than twice. A few weeks ago we needed to put a team together at work to enter the Anglesey 10k race; while I can't think of anything worse to participate in - I'm actually going to take it as a challenge.

I've got myself some trainers and some comfortable clothes and downloaded the "Couch to 5k" app on my phone. So far I've completed the first week (I've been running on consecutive days rather than taking a day in between just so that I complete it faster). After the first run, my legs were in agony but with persistence, they've been Ok afterwards.

I will probably only run in bursts on the day, 10k is a lot further than the 5k I'd have been training with but I'm hoping that running is something I'll keep up beyond the 3rd March. I can't wait for the evenings to become lighter so that I can change my route, I'm sticking to well lit main roads at the moment and they aren't as scenic or as inspiring as I'd like.

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