Half term walk with the kids

As much as I love being at home at this time of year, I do find myself suffering from cabin fever if we don't go out. Saying that, compared to our usual half term holidays, we had a busy one this year; I had something planned every day and one thing we didn't have was a day at home. Thursday was a sunny but cold day we arranged to go for a walk with my cousin and her kids.

There's a Nature Reserve just up the road from where she lives, I only found where it was earlier this year but she's been going there for years. I didn't fancy an expensive day out, I just wanted to get some fresh air and blow away the cobwebs and this walk certainly did the trick.

We were missing one member of our little gang as Osh was away in Disneyland Paris. I always find it strange going on days out without him. But the five we did have with us always have so much fun together, they're all a similar age. I bribed them all with sweets when we started our walk in return for letting me take photos of them. This was a test shot and actually, I kind of love it - even if it is just a photo in a Car Park.

This little girl of mine did so well on the walk. We were out for over two hours and she coped really well. Thing is with Martha Grace, she walks like a little puppy; she has to stop and look at everything she finds on the floor and every flower or rock that she passes. She's in her own little world taking it all in without a care in the world.

I love the freedom that long walks like this give the kids. They don't need to walk holding our hands; they can go a little while ahead of us and run around exploring. Seeing the five of them chatting amongst themselves and plotting mini-adventures together makes me so glad we are able to meet up. Days out like this cost us nothing but the kids have so much fun, pack a picnic too and all an adventure for them. An old (disused) Railway line runs through the nature reserve and the kids were amazed they could walk along the tracks, I, of course, was made up with the photo op.

I love the light at this time of year as well; it's not so bright that the kids squint with the sun in their eyes and it's not completely dull either. It's just a shame that it doesn't stay light for a little bit longer.

We only walked as far as the reservoir, I think you can walk around it but we needed to get back to the car before the parking ticket expired. There was just enough time to grab a quick photo of our crew sat on the wall with the lake behind them. The water was lovely and calm, the surface was like a mirror (ask Mark, I'm a sucker for water).

Everyone laughs when I bring the big camera out, I can be quite snap happy I'll admit. But I won't regret it when this lot are in their twenties and my photos are all I have as a reminder of the time where we'd get together for long walks and picnics.


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