Siblings || April 2018

We had a fab Easter with them and for once I wasn't counting down the days until they were back at school. I love my routine and usually struggle when the kids are off but we had so many days out planned that we needed to be up and out of the house handy almost daily.

Martha Grace isn't at school today, she's in London with us for her outpatient's appointment. I'm writing this on Sunday night and right now I have no idea how the day will go. Martha is such a strong girl that she never gives us any indication of what we might be able to expect to hear from her Consultant.

What I do know is that waiting for her at home are a Brother and a Sister who love her very much. They're a great gang despite there being a 7-year difference between the eldest and the youngest. They're all at a great age; as much as I love babies it's so liberating not having to cart a heavy nappy/bottle bag and pushchair with us on days out. It's great to be able to choose a cafe based on their menu - not on whether or not they have bottle warming or baby changing facilities and high chairs.

I've taken so many photos of my little trio on recent days out but I've shared them already in other blog posts. This one was taken on Saturday as we took a walk around Penrhyn Castle. We recently became members of the National Trust and are really enjoying finding new places to explore as a family. They also have some stunning photo ops. We had a treat in the cafe while we were there, you can't visit a National Trust property without the obligatory Cream Tea.

I'm hoping for positive news today, for more days out like we've had over Easter. I love seeing my three together and it breaks might heart to think of them having to be apart again.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers today and we'll update when we can.


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