Siblings || March 2018

Another month, another "Siblings" photo and yep, you guessed it - they're wearing their navy blue coats again.

I hadn't planned on taking the photo on Mother's Day. It was raining all morning and we'd been for a game of Ten Pin Bowling rather than bother with an outdoor activity. We decided to head down to Pwllheli for a panad on the seafront. We got there around 4pm and the sun was just coming out through the clouds. I grabbed my big camera out of the boot and sat the kids on a low wall.

The photos probably aren't technically correct, but I love them. The light, their smiles, how relaxed they look in each other's company.

They may have argued for most of the journey back towards Anglesey, but deep down they are good mates. Each of them different in their own little way, which fascinates me and they're all being brought up in the same home.

Our week hasn't had the best start; Isabella woke up with a tummy ache and was sick on Monday morning. We've kept her at home and Thursday is her first day back at school. Isabella is quite difficult to please, she has very little patience and is very highly strung (Mark says she's just like me) and so this week has been like the end of the world for her. If you follow us on Instagram you'll have seen that in an attempt to make her feel better on Tuesday I ran her a bath, put a face mask on her, let her use my bath tray and she watched the iPad with a panad in a bubble bath. She loved it. It's times like that when I'll find myself suddenly realising "OMG, I am a Mother - I am the person that these little people need when they're not well!"

There's only a couple of week's left until the Easter Holidays and I have a fair few days off with the kids during the Holidays. After all the recent snow day's we've had, I really do hope the weather improves to it's usual March/April standard and we can enjoy family day's out. 

Once the Easter Holiday's are over we have Martha's outpatients appointment at GOSH to get through and I really don't know what we can expect; Martha doesn't really display any signs of tiredness or of struggling so we might think she's OK but that little Heart inside could tell a totally different story.

But let's enjoy Easter first, ey?


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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