Mother's Day

I still think it's mad that I have three children. Three little humans that call me Mammi and I'm totally responsible for. Surely I'm still a child myself.

I think most of us Mam's sometimes wonder if we're doing this whole parenting thing right. Are the choices we've made the right ones. I'm not the crafty Mammi, I'm not the baking with the kids Mammi and quite often I am the shouty Mammi.

But what I am is the Mammi who (on the days she does collect them from school) is stick the kettle on to make the hot chocolates/ panad and will devour a packet of biscuits with you while chatting about their day. 

I'm the Mammi who is always happy to snuggle under a blanket on the sofa to watch a film with them. We can snuggle up in bed too.

I'm the Mammi who loves day's out, packing a picnic and a flask for Tea and bringing out the big camera to take photos of her bloody gorgeous kids.

My Mother's Day took place on Saturday this year. I was brought a cup of tea and pancakes to bed and was surrounded by my little family as I opened my cards and present. I enjoyed a quiet hour in bed to read my book and the rest of the morning was a pretty lazy affair.

As the weather was pretty dreary we stopped off to play a game of Ten Pin Bowling at Glasfryn. The kids loved it, it's not something we do often enough and it's great as a rainy day activity. Mark had packed the flask and we sat on the beachfront in Pwllheli for a panad and biscuits. We took a long drive home before stopping off for a KFC for dinner (Mark let me choose)


It was such a simple day but I had such a lovely time, it was a day of being together and doing things together as a family.

It's Easter Holiday's soon and I'm really hoping for more days like this.


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