7 years married

After only 10 months together, Mark and I were married on the 19th February 2011. I still don't know what possessed my Mother to let her 23-year-old Daughter get married so quickly. Rest assured, our girls will not be doing the same.

When I tell people how soon we got married, people seem so shocked. It didn't seem "quick" at the time. It felt like planning our wedding took forever, but really we did it all between 17th September and 19th February. For us, it wasn't about the wedding - it was about being married. With Mark living in Liverpool and me on Anglesey, we'd only see eachother at the weekend which was really hard. I'd cry every time he had to go back home and would end up talking on his hands free for the whole drive home. We spent all day texting and every night on the phone for hours. Though now, our texting consists of "Can you pick up more milk on the way home?" or "Are you picking up the kids or am I?" - who said romance is dead?

They say "When you know, you KNOW!" Even back then, I couldn't imagine a life without Mark in it. He wasn't like other lad's, I didn't have to pretend to be a "cool" girl who liked clubbing and getting hammered. I could be myself, was quity happy telling him that I liked drinking Tea, eating cakes, going for walks and shopping. He didn't seem put off by this. Mark liked Football and films and was quite a "home bird" Almost 8 years later, we're both pretty much the same.

We found out that I was pregnant with Isabella the day after we came home from our Honeymoon. After a relatively straightforward pregnancy, birth and 1st year with her we decided to try for another. Thrilled to be pregnant very quickly we assumed everything would be fine this time around too.

Only we were wrong. Horribly wrong.

I could never have imagined we'd have to go through as much as we have together. How could anyone ever plan for having to navigate the minefield that we've had to? We've had to give our consent for some pretty major surgery, we've actually been in a life-or-death situation and had to accept that the surgery that we've chosen in an attempt to save our child's life may also be the reason we lose her.

But we've always been on the same side throughout our journey with Martha Grace. We've carefully discussed every procedure that she's been through, scrutinised everything Doctors have said, but nothing has come between us - we've never disagreed on anything. Neither of us have been pressued to consent for anything we weren't happy with. It's an unwritten rule that as long as it's in Martha's best interest and the benefits outweigh the risk, that's the path we follow.

I can't imagine anyone in the world who I could get through this with, I can't imagine anyone else as strong as him. He's been the best Husband and best Father.

I just hope that the next 7 years are a little easier than what the previous 5 have been.


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