Siblings || January 2018

I always get the brightest of ideas...a Sunday afternoon in January - let's drive to Llanberis and have a picnic by the lake. It won't be cold or windy, will it?

As you can tell from Isabella's face - the kids had a lovely time. I thought I was being super organised and brought paper plates to eat our food from, but it was so windy that as soon as the kids picked up their sausage roll to eat - the plate flew off the table. Osh lost two sausage rolls as a sudden gust of wind swept his plate off the table.

I needed to get my Sibling's photo taken for January as this was my last Sunday off for the month. We bribed the kids with a visit to the park to play on the swings and slides if I could just get one decent photo of the three of them together.

A quick scroll through the photo's at the back of the camera and we decided that what he had was good enough and we should call it a day. It was so cold that the kids didn't even want to play in the park - they wanted to go straight back to the car instead. Rather than come straight home we took a detour and drove up through Pen-y-Pass, through Capel Curig, Bethesda and back home via the A55.

It probably wasn't a memorable day for the kids, might be more along the lines of "Remember that freezing cold day when she made us eat a picnic by the lake in the wind and then made us pose for a photo risking hypothermia for the sake of a photo!"

I think I redeemed myself by making a roast dinner when we got home. Hopefully, it will have warmed up a little by the time I need to take a Siblings photo next month.


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