A self care update - January

We're a few weeks into a new year and I'm slowly settling into a routine. One thing I learned when the kids were off for Christmas is that I need routine. I thrive off of structure and routine.

I wanted to keep a log of how I was getting on so that I could track any changes that might occur each month or find a pattern that might help me understand why I feel the way I do. Also, if I write it down it hold's me accountable and I have to take care of myself.

Starting each day better
I think I've cheated here, I have been getting up early each day - but only because I've needed to be at work by 8am or I've needed to get the kids to school. Last weekend wasn't really fair either because we were decorating the girls' bedroom and needed to be up and about quite handy in the morning. But it has shown me that waking up early in the morning doesn't make me any more tired at the end of the day, so obviously I can physically handle it.

Cleaning and meal-prep routine
This week has been a good week. On Monday one of my lovely friends gave me a recipe book for the Slow Cooker, I've spent ages looking through and drooling over the photos. My meal plan and
shopping list were all done way before my shopping day and on Friday night I'm making a soup that I've never made before. Of course - the kids will refuse to eat it and that will put an end to my trying new foods. Right now, I have food in the slow cooker and potatoes peeled in a pan on the stove waiting to boiled once the kids are back from school - organised!
Tuesday was meant to be my cleaning day, I managed to get the kitchen and lounge done. The bathroom is on my to-do list for tonight but I have been keeping on top of it through the week. It's still not a palace but it's getting there.

Blog & Photography
I've started using a Bullet Journal at work and I thought I could try it with my blog planning to. I've been able to start a schedule for what I want to post and when to post it. I've also taken my camera out a couple of times this week. I want to start experimenting with flat-lays so I'm on the lookout for a plain white background to use. I love looking at other people's photo's on Instagram and I'd like to have a few on my grid too. Not for "likes" just for me.

Self Care
The main thing I've done for myself is downloaded a meditation app. I'm not completely sold on it yet but it's really early days and I don't want to write it off before giving it a proper chance. I've not seen any lasting effects from it yet, but it is wonderfully calming right before going to bed. I've also got two books on the go, I can't relax enough to enjoy more than a chapter from each per day but it is am an improvement on how much I had been reading towards the end of 2017.

Being together
The kids are back at school and my working hours differ from week to week. I was lucky enough to be off last weekend and we were able to go out for a picnic lunch - mainly so I could take a Siblings photo for this month. I've also been able to do the school drop-off/ pick-up this week, with my two days off falling mid-week it's been nice having time before dinner to have tea and biscuits chatting with them about their day. Simple things like that really lift my spirits (then they start moaning and bickering and I start counting down the hours until bed time)

I wasn't expecting a miracle and to feel completely fine within a month, but I feel like I'm taking the right steps and I'm going in the right direction.


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