Siblings || May - November 2017

I never thought I'd fall this far behind with a photo project that I was in love with. I went to the effort of taking a "Siblings" photo each month but never got around to actually uploading them on to the blog.

Even looking back through them all know I can see the children changing and even growing from month-to-month. 

We've had an amazing year so far and I really wanted to be able to look back at our photo's in the future, if we ever find ourselves in a tough patch again - I need to be able to remind myself of that we're fighting for.

I want to remember days like today when I've been to get them all from school and brought them home, made them all a cup of tea and they've dunked their biscuits watching the telly together on the sofa. Completely normal things to be doing as Siblings, but a moment I'll never take for granted.

4 years ago today, Martha Grace was in a critical condition in intensive care following her second open heart surgery. I wouldn't leave her bedside all day, and a consultant almost missed his flight home because he was so concerned with her condition and no one could find the answer. I think that day ranks highly in my "worst day of my life" chart. I wish I could go back to that petrified Mammi and let her know that in 4 years time - life would be amazing and to just ride it out.

So here are my trio in the months that I've missed the Siblings linky.

May 2017

This photo was taken on a trip to Newborough Beach one day after school. This was the best of a bad
lot. Not ashamed to admit that bribery may have been used here, they didn't want to pose for a photo - they wanted to run off and play in the sand/waves.

June 2017

I was lucky enough to have a weekend off in June where we had the most stunning weather. I spent the Saturday celebrating my best friends "Hen-do". The Sunday was spent in my parent's garden having a Barbeque. I managed to get the three of them to sit together for a photo before they got ketchup on their clothes.

July 2017

I love how grown up Osh looks in this photo, we were at our Nephew's Christening. I think it's the only photo I took of my three together. Martha Grace brought a toy cat with her from her Grandparents house with her and carried it around with her all day. 

August 2017

I couldn't choose a photo for August. The first one was taken in Aberystwyth after a trip on the Vale of Rheidiol Railway with my Grandparents. The second was taken on a day out to Gullivers World.

Me and Mark were lucky enough to take a week off together and it was so lovely having un-interrupted family time together. I pray and I pray for more weeks like that.

September 2017

One my daft little traditions is that for the night before a new school year, the kids have to have new pyjamas to wear to bed. Then, I have to take a photo of the three of them on the sofa together all ready for bed. I'll probably keep doing this even when they're in their teens.

October 2017

Half term week was unusually late for us in Wales this year but we still managed to fit in a couple of days out. Mark was in the middle of a busy period at work which meant he couldn't take any time off with us. This photo was taken along the Conwy Bridge on a day out with my Mam. It was one of those lovely autumn days which is perfect for long walks.

November 2017

This final photo was taken in Pwllheli, one of my favourite places to visit. We stopped for lunch with my Grandparents at a little Garden Centre, then took the kids for a walk along the beach with their scooters. No day out is complete unless we finish off by having a cup of tea and a cake picnic, which is exactly what we did before heading home.

I just hope now that I manage to get a photo in December so I can finish this year. I'm going to start again properly next year. We're not expecting our run of good luck to last all through 2018 as well, which is why we've been savouring every moment as a family this year.


The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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