My Christmas

We didn't let ourselves believe that we would be celebrating Christmas at home until our most recent outpatient's appointment on the 9th October. Her new Consultant was very happy with her progress and agreed that she wouldn't need to be seen again for another 6 months (April 2018)

The last time we had a worry free Christmas period was in 2014; Martha Grace was recovering has been recovering from Open Heart Surgery over Christmas 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, Christmas 2013 was spent at Great Ormond Street Hospital with Mark and Martha, with Osh and Isabella at home with my parents.

One of the things I promised myself at the end of 2016 was that if we were lucky enough not to need further surgical procedures Christmas period, then I would treat myself to one of those super indulgent beauty Advent Calendar. That's exactly what I've done, the day the M&S Advent Calendar was released in early November I made sure that I had one. I've resisted the urge to peek inside but I can wait for Friday morning when I can open my first little house to see what's inside.

I don't do much in the way of Christmas decorations. We have a simple twig tree which is pre-lit and we hang a few simple heart-shaped decorations from each branch. I recently bought this Glass ornament with a red heart to add to my collection. I can't wait to come home from work on Thursday and put the tree up. It's not something that I do with the kids, as I am quite particular with where I want each ornament to go. But it will be ready for them to see before they head off to School on Friday 1st December.

One of the little traditions that I've made sure I've kept up with each year is the Christmas Eve Basket. Each year I put in a new pair of Pyjamas, some sweet treats and hot chocolate for the kids to enjoy the Christmas Books and films with. I've been collecting a few bits over the last few weeks, and today I bought a new Christmas mug for each of them. These will be put away after Christmas ready to be used again next year.

I can't wait to enjoy another year at home for Christmas, celebrating this year as though it's our last because we never know where we will be by the time Christmas rolls around again.

Always grateful to our team at GOSH for making this happen.

Always thinking of those who will be trying to make the most of Christmas in Hospital.


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