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We are in a period of stability with Martha's health. I have hardly blogged this year, mainly because since returning to work "full time" I haven't found made the time to. Also, other than an overnight admission having her Pacemaker generator replaced - Martha Grace has enjoyed a relatively uneventful year.

Those who follow her journey on our Social Media accounts will know that we were given a 6 month reprieve from outpatient appointments when we last visited Great Ormond Street Hospital at the beginning of October. This is probably the best thing that can happen to the parents of a child who has a Heart Condition. But it's also the time where I struggle the most.

I feel incredibly guilty that I haven't kept up with this blog, which was set up in part to be a source of real-life information point for other parents in a similar situation to ours...but it was also meant to be an online diary/journal for Martha Grace. It was to log the various surgeries she would endure, but also the good times we had as a family where we could look back through my various entries to see how far she has come in such a short space of time.

Blogging for me was always cathartic, it was where I came to vent/rant after a hard day in Hospital - it was also where I shared the good days (like being able to feed her from a bottle for the first time in months). I'm also disappointed that I haven't kept up with Siblings this year...I've taken the photo's, just haven't posted them.

Now that the kids have all returned to school and Martha Grace is in school full-time, I need to make time to keep up with my blog - for the sake of my sanity.

For now, here are some photo's from 2017 which I don't think I've shared on the blog.

As ever, thank you for your continued support!


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