A letter to Martha Grace || April 2017

To my Amazing Baby Girl,

I've waited until today to write you this letter on purpose. There is a significance to today's date.

This time 4 years ago, both your Dad and I were sat in our living room in Beaumaris crying our hearts out. Proper ugly crying, huge tears, and loud sobs.

It was the day we went to meet with the Pediatric Cardiologist from Alder Hey at Liverpool Women's Hospital. 

Up to then, 24th April 2013 was the worst day of my life (a few other's have taken its place since then)

We were given a very bleak prognosis for you, we're told there wasn't much hope for you. You're Father and I had to contemplate being cruel to be kind. To end your suffering before it could begin.

Fast forward to 24th April 2017 and you're fast asleep in bed after your 1st day back in school since having your pacemaker generator changed a month ago. To date, you've had 5 Open Heart Surgeries and various procedures requiring sedation.

You've just enjoyed having your Big Brother and Sister home from school with you for two weeks over Easter. Last week you got to spend the night sleeping in a Hotel and a few really fun days out with your family. I doubt that anyone who passes us on the street could tell you've been through as much as you have, I guess they just see the cheeky threenager giving her Mam and Dad sass.

Four years ago, I couldn't imagine our life being where it is now. I didn't think we could ever be happy again. I know it hasn't been easy, I know that you've had to suffer more than I ever imagined you would need to; but I hope the life we have given you has made it worthwhile.

I would live through it all again if it promised me another four years of being your Mammi.

Thank you for being an incredibly brave girl in Hospital once again, for getting yourself discharged just a day after having an operation.

Thank you for being you.

 From Mammi xxxxx

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