Siblings || January 2017

I wonder what 2017 has in store for these three!!??

Having to pose for a Siblings photo every month for their Mammi is a dead cert! Sorry Kids (not really, haha)

I will be turning 30 in February, with Mark then hitting the same milestone Birthday in December. Osh will make the big move up to Secondary School in September, all being well Martha Grace will be going to school full time. Then I'll have no babies at home with me on my days off...I haven't decided if I'm happy or sad about this yet!

We're starting this year with positive news from Great Ormond Street Hospital, I really like to believe that this year will be one without Open Heart Surgery. However, replacing the Pacemaker Generator is on the Horizon so we're not having a year free of Hospital admissions either.

My New Years Wish again this year was that if I get to start the Year as a Mother to three children, that I also get to finish the year as a Mother to three children. As each month passes I'll have another photo of my trio; I have loved looking back through the 2016 project photo's and seeing the change in each of them through the months. When you spend every single day with them, you don't notice the subtle changes as they happen.

I was super organised this year and this photo was taken on the 1st January. We went out for New Years Day Lunch and a drive through the mountains. I knew where I wanted to go as it was a gorgeous sunny day, we stopped by Llyn Cwellyn. It was bitterly cold so we managed to get the photo done in record time. We then headed back to the car for Tea and Biscuits out of our flask.

I hope everyone else's New Year is starting a positive note like ours.


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