Siblings || December 2016

It feels like months since I last published a blog post, though it's only been 4 weeks. When I joined the Siblings link-up last month I was sat on the train heading for London Euston taking Martha Grace back to Great Ormond Street for her 5th Open Heart Surgery.

At the time I couldn't imagine what we'd be doing by the time December's photo would be due. I only hoped and prayed that I'd have three children to take photo's of.

This blog was started to keep a record of Martha's journey and I feel awful that I've not updated it since her most recent admission. The events are still fresh in my mind and I know that I need to do it before the details get a bit fuzzy and things are forgotten. I've recently started working full time for the first time in six years and the change in working hours has taken a little of getting used to. Once I get into more of a routine I'll be able to set time aside to get back to doing the things I love. I've hardly taken my camera out since we've come home.

Thank you to everyone who posted messages of support before/during/after her operation. Having a support network like this really makes such a difference to how I cope. If you follow us over on Facebook or Instagram you'll know that Martha was discharged from Hosptial on Monday 21st November (although we didn't come home until Tuesday 22nd) only 3 days after her 5th Open Heart Surgery.

She is still off school and will be going back after the Christmas Holidays, I just hope that being off for this long hasn't affected her confidence and that she won't be anxious about going back.

Wednesday was Christmas Jumper Day at school, I didn't want Martha to feel left out when Osh and Isabella were wearing a Special Jumper so we let her wear the very very special Great Ormond Street Hospital hoodie that Nainy Colette bought her just before we came home.

This months photo's are nowhere near perfect; they were done in a bit of a rush before we had to make a run through the door so that we wouldn't be late for School. But the main photo (at the top of this post) is one I love. Not because of their smiles, not because they're all looking at the camera at the same time, not because they look cute in their new tops or because they are all hugging each other...but simply because I have a photo of all three of my children taken in our home in December 2016. Because all three of my babies are walking this Earth. 

This year I successfully participated in the Siblings photo project every month. I can't wait to start again in 2017. Thank you to Lucy over at Dear Beautiful  for thinking up this project and inviting us all to join in. 

The Me and Mine Project

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