Siblings || September 2016

September has brought a lot of changes to our household; Osh started his final year in primary school, Isabella started full time at school - and little Martha Grace has been going to school in a uniform like her big brother and sister.

I loved the summer holidays, the lazy morning and the days out - but I really missed my routine and was glad when 5th September finally rolled around. Mark and I even treated ourselves to a lunch date to celebrate. It was a day we didn't think we'd get to see...the day we dressed Martha Grace in her uniform for school.

I did think of setting up a photo session one day after school this week ready for "Siblings", but at the end of the year - I want to look back on the most important photo's from September...ones that were real life and not staged. I love the photo that I took of the kids on Sunday night before school started, all fresh out of the bath/shower and dressed in new PJ's. 

Martha wasn't due to start school until the afternoon on Monday, but we still dressed her ready for school just so I could get a photo of the three of them ready for school. She was very confused and unimpressed when she had to get dressed in other clothes once the photos were done - she doesn't enjoy being a blogger's child.

I know the lighting in these photos is a bit rubbish, but I love the way that Martha is looking up at Osh. People often ask if Isabella and Martha are close, and yes, they are...but I think in years to come and as Martha gets older that she will have a great relationship with Osh.

We are almost two weeks into the new term and we've all settled into our new routine, I'm loving having some one on one time with Martha Grace and I'm quite enjoying the peace and quiet when all three are at school. We're still waiting on the call, but other than that - I'd say that life is pretty perfect at the moment.


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