Siblings || August 2016

We had a lovely little family day last Sunday; you know the kind where you venture out and find a great spot for lunch and the kids had a fab time playing in the park - but I didn't take a single photo. In fact, my camera didn't even come out of the bag the whole afternoon. To be honest, I think I enjoyed being present and not hidden behind the camera after a busy couple of days at work.

Of course, when I realised that "Siblings" day was soon here and Osh would be at his Dad's all weekend and I was working all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday - I was immediately mad at myself that I didn't attempt to just get one photo of the three of them together last week. But then I bribed the three of them with an Ice Lolly and took them out to the garden to take whatever photo's I could. Do I wish we were at a beach with a stunning piece of Welsh landscape as our backdrop? Yes! But the most important thing is that I got a photo of my troops together in August.

August is always a tough month for us; my "Timehop" timeline is filled with the run up to Martha Grace's birth  and first surgery three years ago. It brings back all the fears I had, not wanting to believe that the pregnancy would end in be getting to bring my baby home from the Hospital to meet her Big Brother and Sister.

The strange thing is, I felt the exact same way last August waiting for Open Heart Surgery #4 and I feel exactly the same this summer waiting for Open Heart Surgery #5. I want to be planning family Holidays, not saving all of our leave for a stint in a London Hospital. But we started this journey because we were determined that we were going to give our Baby the best chance we could, three years I still stand by that decision.

Next weekend we will be celebrating our little Miracle turning three years old...amazing when we didn't let ourselves believe she'd even make it to being a week old!


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