Me & Mine || July 2016

My little corner of the internet has been slightly abandoned; I'm still adjusting to the new job and the new routine that it has brought for me and my family. I work 3 out of 7 days which suits be perfectly, but the hours I pull in work leave me virtually zombified on my days "off". I'm sure I'll get used to the change of pace in a few more weeks.

Sunday was rota'd as one of my days off this week so we decided that we would spend it wisely and head down to Pwllheli for lunch then take the kids to the fairground - Pwllheli is our "happy place" and all week long the kids had been excitedly reminding us of our plans.

As I sat down with my Panad after work late Saturday night/ early Sunday morning, I caught up on my Facebook feed and read an update from "Christian's Soldiers" that he had suddenly deteriorated and passed away peacefully in the presence of his family a few moments earlier. Christian had received the amazing gift of a new Heart earlier this year but his kidney's and other vital organs took a real hit and he never fully recovered.

I cried bucketfuls of tears, even though I didn't know the family personally - one line in their statement really struck a chord with me and floored me "We spent some great family time making memories that help ease a little of the overwhelming pain that comes from knowing Christian is not going to grow up with our older children." It breaks my heart knowing that right now - there is a family in Seattle whose reality is the very thing I'm most scared of. 

We spent Sunday in Pwllheli where we had a lovely meal as a family, the kids went on as many rides as they wanted at the fairground and we laughed until our belly's hurt chasing each other on the bumping cars. I didn't make the time to take a photo for Me & Mine in June, I didn't have one in time for the last day of July either but I made damn sure that I made the time yesterday. 

These photo projects might be all we have left some day.



The Me and Mine Project

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