Siblings || June 2016

Sometimes, I plan our day's out weeks and weeks in advance, if something goes wrong on the day I get awfully upset. I found myself with an unexpected weekend off, which meant I also hadn't had the time to arrange anything to do or anywhere to go.

After enjoying a lazy Saturday morning at home we packed a picnic and headed  for Penrhos Country Park; we've never been there before but I had seen other people's photos on Facebook. Last minute unplanned days out really are the best, aren't they.

The weather was lovely and warm, just a gentle breeze but not the usual wind which blows everything around and off the picnic table. The kids love a picnic; as long as I've packed cocktail sausages, Capri suns and Mr Kipling cakes - the kids are happy.

We didn't bring a pram for Martha, we want her to be able to run around and explore like the Osh and Isabella. The downside of Martha walking everywhere - is that it takes twice as long. I would walk on ahead with Osh and Isabella and realise that we'd left Mark and Martha behind, they nowhere to be seen because we'd gone so far ahead without them. We walked through the forest and Mammi got to take a few photos of her little Babi's.

Eventually, we arrived at a little beach, which I was not expecting and did not come prepared for. It was absolutely lovely with the whitest, softest sand. Before we knew it Martha was in the water wearing her sandals and socks, Isabella and Osh were covered in sand.

It's been quite a tough few weeks since we found out that Open Heart Surgery #5 is definitely on the cards before winter, I feel guilty watching Martha go about her day's so normally with no idea what lies ahead. But I'm grateful for weekends like the one we've just shared. I'm even more grateful for the photo projects that I participate in each month, that there giving me a monthly record of the amazing family that I get to call my own.


The Me and Mine Project

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