A letter to Martha Grace || May 2016

My Beautiful Baby Girl,
My mind is racing at a thousand thoughts per minute. We are now in May and the safety of knowing that we have until your next appointment to enjoy "normal" life is almost over. We are off to London next week. 

We've had countless days out and you've settled in at school, we shared a family Holiday to Center Parcs and we've just enjoyed being a family of 5 and I've loved every minute...even the tantrums and the cheek!

It was three years ago today that we went for our second opinion to Great Ormond Street and met with Dr Ian Sullivan for the first time. It's amazing because we've shared almost three years with you that at one point - we didn't think we'd be lucky enough to have.

Baby girl, whatever the outcome next week I want you to know that any decisions we have to make are made because we love you and only want what's best for you. I never want to see you in pain, we'd never put you through anything if we weren't certain that it was the best choice for you in the long term.

I thought this month's letter would be really long, but it's taking everything that I have to stop myself from crying. I have given myself a "best" and "worse" case scenario, and as long as the news we get next week falls somewhere in between those two then I think I'll cope. 

Please carry on being the feisty and fierce little fighter that you are, not only will that get you through the tough times - it will also get me and your dad through it as well.

We love you so much.

Love from Mammi xx

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