Siblings || April 2016

As usual, I left it until last minute to get our Siblings photo's done. We were due to meet Mark's family for lunch at 4pm on Sunday - I was working until 3pm; I really didn't think we were going to be able to get our photo done.

Mark suggested that we take our photo's in our front garden while we wait for everyone to arrive; I really don't know why I had never taken our photo's there before.

One of the main reason's we bought our house was for the views; from our living room, you can almost see the entire Snowdonia Mountain range - most importantly, Mount Snowdon itself.

Our grass is in desperate need of a cut, something Mark would have done week's ago but he's been on crutches for almost a month now. I also had to position the kids carefully so that I didn't get two lamposts in the shot (although it looks like we live in the middle of nowhere, there is a rather busy main road next to our house) But as far as last minute photo's go, I'm really happy with these; my gorgeous kids squinting because it's a gorgeous sunny day and the most stunning backdrop behind them.

This month has seen Osh grow up a lot; he's been going out to play at the park with his friends and I haven't been there to chaperone. They've been going to the shops to get sweets and then I've been having to trust him to come home at the specified time. So far so good, he's been loving the freedom and I've had to get to grips with the fact that I'm entering a new stage of Motherhood.

The girls had a trip to the hairdressers this week, it was a first for Martha Grace and now she look's so much more grown up (totally different to how she looks in the photo).

We're all super excited today because it's our last day of school before we go on our Holiday's on Monday. There's just the small issue of having to pack for 2 adults and 3 kids for 4 nights away - but it's so worth it. Hey; I'd rather be packing for 5 to go on Holiday than for three of us to go to Hospital.


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