Me & Mine || April 2016

I am a little sad that April is over; it means that we've been on our little Holiday to Center Parcs and it means we are fast approaching Martha Grace's next appointment - that our three months to enjoy normal life is almost over. It was amazing to be away and be able to pretend that we were just like all the other families there. Other than Martha needing to wear a neoprene wetsuit in the pool, I don't think anyone would have been able to tell what worries we had or what we'd been through. Watching Martha enjoy herself, being so carefree I almost had to remind myself about what's around the corner.

I'm so grateful that this weekend is a Bank Holiday, though, it means we have an extra day off as a family to squeeze in a few more memories.

We took these photo's on the final night in Center Parcs when we are dressed up for dinner, that's why they are quite dark. We had ducks, squirrels and bunny rabbits strolling around and I was certain we'd have at least a duck in our Me & Mine photo. Every time we'd take a photo, Martha would run off to try to see the picture on the screen of the camera and Mark isn't the most patient person in the world when it's picture time.

I'm trying to stay positive but I am really finding it difficult to stop myself from thinking "where will be for our photo next month?" or what frame of mind will be in? What will we be facing? But one thing's for sure, I have the memories of a lovely little Holiday to keep me going.


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