Making the most of every moment

When I went back to work after Martha was born I was determined that I only wanted to work two day's a week; a Thursday evening shift and a Sunday. For a long time, that worked for us. Last summer I took on the Saturday shift as an extra, when we found out Martha would be going in for surgery at the end of summer it was a great way of getting a backup of cash behind us for a long hospital stay. But when we came home I just went back to working my extra day and I've kept it up ever since.

With Mark working Monday through Friday and then me working both days of the weekend, I thought we'd struggle to have time as a family - we haven't though.

I'm normally home on Saturday's just after three o clock. By this time Martha would have had her nap, Mark would have gotten the kids ready to leave the house and once I've had a quick change of clothes and loaded our backpack (and grabbed the camera bag) we're on our way out!

Osh was with his Dad this weekend so it was just the 4 of us on Saturday afternoon. We're really limited to where we can go at the moment because Mark still relies on his crutches to get about. It was perfect weather for a stroll on the beach but there is no way he could have managed it. We ended up taking a short drive to Beaumaris (where we used to live) there is a car park next to the kids play area which was a short enough distance for Mark.

I hadn't intended to let the girls wear wellies, it's just what they both decided between them that they were wearing and thank goodness they did; I had totally forgotten that it had rained earlier in the day so the grass was sodden and muddy.

They let me push them on the rocking horse for a little while but once they found the slide they were off, up and down they went for the rest of our time there.

Both of them hate being pushed on the swings, even though they ask to have a go every time we go to a play area - but after a few pushes, they are shouting to come down. But give them the tallest slide and they have no fear. I was a nervous wreck when Martha was climbing up the steps, petrified that she'd lose her balance and fall backwards.

When the sun went behind the clouds it got a bit chilly; we had planned to have our tea and cake on the picnic benches in the park but instead, we went back to the car to keep warm and listen to the Grand National on the radio. There are little tables that fold out from the back of the driver and passenger seats in our car which are perfect for our car picnics.

It was another lovely little afternoon out, the only thing it cost us was the parking. Even though we were only there for a little over an hour, the girls got to get out and about and burn off some energy in the park and we got to spend time enjoying the sun as a family (even if one of us was missing). When we don't know what's going to happen after Martha's next appointment, we can't afford not to me making the most of our time together. With the day stretching out a lot longer now we're in spring these last minute jaunts to the park are great. I'm looking forward to a lot more of these over the next few weeks.


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