A letter to Martha Grace || April 2016

My Beautiful baby girl,
What a lovely "normal" month we've just had. You've completed your first half term of Ysgol Feithrin and have been enjoying Easter Holidays; it's been a joy to watch you grow up a little bit more.

I was worried that you would struggle with being at school, that it would tire you out too much and that you'd not be able to keep up with your friends - but you've taken it all in your stride and you love going there. I'm lucky if I get a kiss goodbye before you go in though you do make up for it when you come running out at home time shouting "Mammi, Mammi, Mammi!" with the biggest smile on your face. Before Easter you brought home a card and a Rice Crispy cake that you had made, you were so excited showing everyone what you had made.

You haven't lost your cheeky or naughty side either. You're so bossy shouting at everyone from Mammi & Daddy, Osh and Isabella, your grandparents...you're quite happy to let everyone know that you're in charge. You put on a fake deep voice and almost growl at us to "get a drink NOW" while pointing your finger. Of course, I know I shouldn't let you get away with behaviour like that, but deep down I am so proud of the strong-willed person you have become in spite of everything you have had to endure.

We've had some lovely days out this month too, it's been great having nicer weather.  I have to keep reminding myself that you're only two years old. I watch you drink your panad, dunking your biscuit in the cup and chatting away with your Brother and Sister and you seem so much older in your ways. Each month I see the relationship between the three of you getting stronger; as you and Isabella get older you become less "annoying little sisters" to Osh. Being a family of 5 just works for us; your Daddy and I both come from families of 5 and this feels "normal" to us - it's just natural.

We're going to enjoy the rest of the Easter Holidays, we don't have anything major planned but we will probably head out for another picnic at some point I'm sure, you seem to eat picnic's better than any other meal and would probably eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and summer out of a lunchbox somewhere outside if we let you. You're back at school for a week and then we have a family holiday to Center Parcs to look forward to; you weren't walking last year so I'm hoping that you get to experience it a little better this year.

I love you lots baby girl and I'm so grateful for April and another "normal" month as a family, another month of being your Mammi.

Love from Mammi xx

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