Siblings || March 2016

Spring most certainly arrived on Sunday in North Wales and again it made me realise how much I appreciate living in our part of the country. I finished work at three and Mark had already gotten the kids ready to go out and our trusty flask already had boiling water in warming up. After a quick change of clothes, grabbing my camera bag and making sure we had a packet of biscuits to go with our tea - we were ready to go.

We hadn't been to Llanberis since the summer, the kids love playing on the swings and slides there and I thought I'd get some lovely photo's by Llyn Padarn (the lake). It's only a 20-minute drive from ours and there's plenty of places to park. I was cursing the fact that parking has gone up a pound to £3 since we went there last but when I got to the machine someone had put their ticket back as it didn't expire until 9:30 pm - I was made up! (Yes we put it back for someone else to use when we left)

It was warm in the sun and there was hardly any wind, perfect spring weather so we didn't have to worry about being out too long for Martha Grace to get cold. I started snapping away as soon as we were out of the car; after each photo was taken Martha would ask "can we go to play now?"

I think the kids are just putting up with me taking photo's constantly now, I think they've learnt that the quicker they cooperate then the quicker it will be over. It would have been so easy so stay home drinking tea while watching Friends after finishing work on Sunday's...but because I wanted to get my "Siblings" photo taken (and because I really really really want to capture the change in my children from month to month) it meant we got out of the house and enjoyed the weather while it was so nice.

Mark would be quite happy to stay home watching football every Saturday and Sunday, he's not really fussed about going out. But I saw the look on his face when Martha went down the biggest slide and then again when she decided to go down the biggest slide backwards on her tummy - he loves taking them out and seeing them have fun.

While I cajoled the kids out of the park, Mark went back to the car to get our backpack and we went to commandeer a picnic bench as it was warm enough to drink our tea in the Sun. I love how they each watch me make their panad and wait patiently for the biscuits to be passed around, how the three of them are so much like me and dunk their cookies in their tea. 

Yesterday didn't cost us anything really (apart from fuel and a packet of biscuits) but the kids had a great couple of hours out in the sun. I'd quite happily spend every Saturday and Sunday for the rest of the year like this.


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