Me and Mine || March 2016

 March was such a busy month and we had so many things to look forward to. Though it does make me anxious because another month over means we are now getting closer to Martha Grace's next outpatients appointment.

Thankfully, March coming to an end also means we are getting closer to going to Center Parcs - which I know the kids are looking forward to so much. I was looking forward as well; until last Monday.

You might have noticed that Daddy is missing from my "official" Me and Mine photo this month? This is because during his weekly 5-a-side game, Mark fractured his ankle. He spent the week in a cast, but now the hairline fracture appears to be healing nicely he has a supportive boot to help his ligaments heal. He will need to wear the boot until he walk without his crutches and cannot drive until he can slam his foot (on the pedal) I am praying so hard that he will be healed before we go to Center Parcs so that he can a) drive there because I hate motorway driving and b) Ride a bike because I am relying on him to be towe the girls trailer. But to be fair to him, he wouldn't be able to enjoy Center Parcs whilst on crutches because he won't be able to take part in any of the activities and even walking around the resort would be tiring for him. But we'll cross that Bridge when we get to it.

Mark being on crutches has meant that I've not been able to get the photo I wanted this month, he wouldn't have been able to stand around and organise the kids while I set up the camera. I have a few photo's that I want to include in my post this month though.

 On the bank Holiday Monday we visited the Llanberis Lake Railway with Mark's Brother and Sister-in-law and their little Boy. While we were on the train Mark took the photo of me and the kids (see above), he was sat in the row behind us so that the kids wouldn't trip over his leg (see below) and doesn't he look happy!

One of my bestest friends is home from Uni for Easter and we spent the day with her on Wednesday. Packed a picnic and stopped by Llyn Cwellyn where the views across the lake and mountains are just amazing. Elin took this photo. (the tables each have a bench missing on one side so that wheelchairs users can also use them)

The twins of our family recently turned 21 and I was snap happy all afternoon. This photo is of us with my parents.

At the same family gathering, this photo of me with my brother and sister and our cousins. I am the eldest of the 7 of us. I think the last time we took a photo of us all together was at my 21st Birthday meal - 8 years ago.

We're halfway through the first week of Easter Holidays and I have a few more days out with the kids planned. I'm also looking forward to a couple of days at home where I don't have to leave the house for the school run and I can snuggle watching films with the kids. Just wish that time would slow down a little bit.


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