Easter Basket

With Grandparents, Aunt's & Uncles and friends all buying the kids Easter Eggs - it takes weeks and weeks to get through them all in our house.

I don't want for the kids to have had nothing from Me and Mark, so rather than get them Easter Egg - we've started putting together an Easter Basket.

I've been quite organised this year and been collecting little bits for the Easter Basket since the middle of February. I'm working all weekend, so we've decided to let the kids have their Easter Basket today on Good Friday.

The kids love their Christmas Eve basket; I thought the girls would struggle with the concept of the basket being shared between the three of them but up to now they've been great.

The girls love drawing pictures and colouring in so they're a colouring in book and a packet of colouring pencils each for them. Osh is a bit too old for that, so I got him "The Wimpy Kids Do-it-yourself Book".

I love these mini chocolates, they are just the cutest things and are the perfect treat size. We have to get three of everything because they'll argue otherwise. I haven't wanted to put too much in there because they have a stockpile from Friends and Family to get through as well.

I'm hoping this little basket of goodies is the perfect start to our Easter weekend. Hope you all have a great one.


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