A letter to Martha Grace || March 2016

My Beautiful Martha Grace,
I've just arrived back at home from taking you to Ysgol Feithrin/ Playschool. You didn't even give me a kiss before you went in today - you just let go of my hand and off you went. There were a couple of your classmates were crying and I thought it might have set you off.

You haven't cried at all when I've taken you to school actually. I was sure you would have on your 1st day; especially as Mammi, Daddy and Isabella were leaving you with people you didn't really know. But it just goes to show how amazingly brave you are.

This week you brought home a Mother's Day card that you made for me - oh Martha I hope this isn't the first and last handmade card I get from you. Right now I have three cards on the fireplace that my babies each made for me and I couldn't be prouder.

The weather has improved (a bit) and it's staying light a lot longer in the afternoon's which mean's we've been able to go out when I get home from work on Saturday's. I always bring our flask and some biscuits and you love warming up with a panad when we get back to the car. We've been to Newborough Forest and this weekend we went to Dinas Dinlle, you loved the slide and, this time, you even got to go on the see-saw.

This is what me and Daddy always wanted for you, to be able to enjoy being a child. Your legs are only little so of course you're not as fast as Isabella or Osh...but you don't struggle to keep up with them and you always join in with them. We don't have to limit your physical activities. When I see you going up and down the slide with a huge smile on your face, or watch you dunk your Party Ring in your panad - I have to remind myself that this is the baby we worried we'd never get to bring home.

You're not always a good girl though are you, Madam!? This month you've started telling little fibs. If I catch you doing something you know you shouldn't be doing (like writing on the furniture) you'll tell me "Daddy told me to" and you'll tell Daddy that "Mammi told me to" if he's giving you a telling off. I don't know where you got that from - but secretly I am a little proud at how your mind works with the "well if I'm going down, I'm taking everyone with me!" mentality.

I have to get ready to collect you from school now, I can't wait to see you.

Love from Mammi xx

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