Siblings || February 2016

Today is the first day of half term holidays, but we were really lucky to have teachers training day on Friday so I asked Mark to book the day off so we could take the kids out together.

After a lazy breakfast we headed to Rhyl Seaquarium. I hadn't been there since I was pregnant with Osh and after being disappointed with Blue Planet last year I wanted to see if the one in Rhyl was as good as I could remember.

School's in Denbighshire hadn't broken up yet so we had the run of the place for most of the afternoon. This ended up being a blessing because the girls insisted on letting go of our hands and running around like they owned the place.

With me working on Saturday and Sunday I was hoping to get my Siblings photo's done somewhere along Rhyl seafront, but it was bitterly cold and Martha would have frozen to death (literally - not figuratively) I had tried several times to get the three of them to take a photo together as we were going around the Aquarium - but the girls kept running off. 

After a trip to the onsite cafe we decided we'd take one more walk around, as we reached one display I noticed there was a log on the floor next to one of the tanks. I knew they wouldn't co-operate if I asked to sit together for a photo so I had to be sneaky. I asked Martha to sit down on the log and smile for a photo, before I knew it the other two had flanked her and started smiling ready to take a photo - I was made up.

On our way home we stopped at Hickory's smokehouse at Rhos-on-Sea for a treat, the "good" behaviour continued and Isabella even dropped a Mason Jar full of Coke float...I think Mark was ready to leave us all there at this point! (Mark stresses about the small things but is amazingly calm when things get tough - I am the polar opposite)

With the news that we had during Martha's last outpatients appointment I am back in full memory making mode - and so the Siblings project seems much more poignant now. These are the photo's which will keep me going when the going get's tough!

We're starting our week of half term with a day out to an Ice Cream farm with friends and I have a couple more things planned for the rest of the week too. Making the most of being a Mammi of three and a family of five.


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