Me and Mine || February 2016

I am so happy with my "official" Me and Mine photo for February. January's was taken in the house in front of a plain white background because we had nothing but rain, but this weekend we go to go out.

The original plan was to head off to a little "look-out" just up the road from our house to have our photo taken with the mountains behind us; I sent Mark a text about 2pm asking if he could see the mountains but he said there was a lot of low clouds - so that plan was abandoned.

Instead, we headed out to Newborough Forest with a Flask of Tea and some biscuits. We'd walk a short way in the Forest and hopefully I'd manage some photo's while we were there.

I didn't expect the kids to enjoy the walk as much as they did, we threw some stones into a stream and found a den made out of sticks that Isabella and Martha think the three little pigs built so were watching out for the big bad wolf.

It stays dark a lot longer this past couple of weeks, so even though I was working until the afternoon we still got the kids out of the house for some fresh air. When we got back to the car we noticed there was a picnic table nearby so we all sat there for a panad and the Oreo's that I brought - which meant no mess in the car. Yay! 

Our last trip to GOSH didn't bring the news we were hoping for, but watching Martha Grace run around after Osh and Isabella yesterday you really wouldn't have been able to tell that there is anything wrong with her. One thing we've always wanted is for Martha to enjoy a reasonable quality of life - and she absolutely does. Watching her dunking her biscuit in her panad, she looked like such a big girl - she had no idea how much her Daddy and I worry about her, which I guess isn't a bad thing.

We're now looking forward to the Easter Holidays with more family days out at the end of March, we might have also booked a cheeky holiday to Center Parcs for April too. Same as last year - I'm cramming as many memories as I can in these next couple of Months.


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