The potty training diaries || Take two

We first tried potty training Martha Grace way back in September and she had not long turned two years old. But we got the date for her 4th operation not long after and so we decided there wasn't much point continuing because we had no idea how long she'd be in hospital for and she'd naturally regress.

We recently confirmed her starting date at Playschool so potty training has resumed. Osh and Isabella both had to be completely dry and wearing proper underwear before starting there; but because the pre-school system has changed completely this last year the admissions policy has relaxed a little bit. Martha Grace is allowed to start even if she is wearing pull-up's but I would have to go school to change her if she was to do a #2 while she was there (fair enough)

This is our third week of potty training and we are none the wiser; we haven't achieved anything and Martha still doesn't understand the concept - I'm starting to lose hope now.

She will be two and a half next month so she isn't any younger than Osh was when I started potty training him and I can't remember it taking this long.

We leave the potty in the lounge where Martha can see it, I sit her on it every half an hour to see if I can catch her needing to use it. She will sit there without making a fuss - but she doesn't do anything. Even if she does manage to have a pee on there she doesn't realise she's done it. We always cheer when she has and clap for her, she joins in and repeats " I did a pee on the potty" but I honestly don't think she's realised what she's actually done.

We have just under a month to go, I'd really like it if she would be at the stage where she could tell us she needs to use the toilet before she starts at nursery. The odd accident doesn't worry me but the lack of awareness is concerning.

I don't think this "delay" has anything to do with her heart defect, or the amount of time she's spent in hospital - because her speech is amazing and she's really bright in every other respect.

I know some people might be thinking "don't be too hard on her...she's been through a lot" but we really do need to get this sorted for her soon.


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