Siblings || January 2016

I have made a few life goals/ new years resolutions for 2016. One of them being to participate in Siblings and Me&Mine each month. In December I loved looking through the photo's of the kids and seeing how much they'd changed each month, but one of the things that hampered my efforts of getting photo's taken last year was the unreliable Welsh weather. This year - I'm cheating!

As a Christmas present to myself this January, I bought a photo studio background support kit and some backgrounds. I thought that I'd give them a go this month to see how my photo's turn out - and I love them. 

I know that you can't really see Isabella properly but I love Martha's face in this picture, she was shouting CHEESE!
Martha was getting a little fed up at this point and she's actually grunting at me here, Isabella was off in her own little world but Osh was still smiling sweetly at the camera for me.
This was the best of a bad lot from Osh and Martha Grace, in each shot they are both looking in the opposite direction to each other - but at least in this one she is snuggled in to his cheek.
This is my favourite this month. I love Osh's smile and Isabella's pose, she looks so innocent - like butter wouldn't melt.
But then I think that this one is my favourite, I love the way Isabella is holding around Martha and then Martha is holding on to Isabella's hands. Two sisters - I hope they'll grow up to be the best of friends.

I'm hoping that we'll have better weather next month so that we can get out and about to take some photo's. I can't wait to be able to look back at the end of this year and see how they've changed and how the dynamic in their relationships have changed. Martha isn't the baby that she was this time last year, I now have three actual "kids" (no babies) with totally different personalities. 

Three children have me as their Mammi.


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