Me and Mine || January 2016

So I cheated again for my Me & Mine photo and used the photo studio background support kit like I did with my Siblings photo earlier in the month. A few of you may have spotted that Isabella is wearing the exact same outfit and Osh is wearing the same hoodie (I have a few set outfit's that they were after school when we have no plans to go anywhere - I don't like wasting nice clothes when no one see's them...that goes for me too not just for the kids)

I was hoping that I could have finished work on Saturday at three and that we could head off up the road to take a photo with the whole of the Snowdonia mountain range in the background; I wasn't going to risk the weather so I took these photo's for "just in case" on Tuesday night. The clouds were really low over the mountains so I didn't see the point on making the kids freeze for 10 minutes for no reason. To be honest, considering these were my last resort photo's - I'm actually quite happy with them.

I'm not too impressed with the face that I'm pulling (I think I'm saying "Cheeeeeeeese") but the kids are all looking at the camera and smiling in my official photo. The other five I've included because I kind of like these too!

I really am hoping that with half term in February we will get decent weather (dry, not windy) and I can take the tripod on his first ever outing. I am also optimistic that eventually I will learn to hide the remote control for my camera by next month!

I can't wait to see how every one changes with each month that passes. This time next month, Martha Grace would have been to GOSH for another check-up and then started at Play School - it's a big month for our littlest girl!


The Me and Mine Project

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