Siblings || December 2015

Official Siblings for December

At 3pm on Saturday I finished work until the Sunday after Christmas. It was also Mark's Birthday that day so we went out for a meal and some drinks with friends while the kids went to my parents. On Sunday we took the kids to Grosvenor Garden Centre in Chester to see Santa. 

I was quite gutted to be honest because Osh declared that he was too old to see Santa and that he just wanted to stand with me and Mark while the girls went to see him. I don't really think he "believes" anymore - I think he's just humoring me. I didn't want to push the subject so I just went along with it.

We started coming to Grosvenor when Isabella was a baby, they used to have "storytime with Santa" where the kids would sit in his grotto with a carton of juice and a cookie before taking it in turns to go up and tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas from him. I was really disappointed that it wasn't the same anymore, we just joined a queue to sit in Santa's Grotto with him...a 40 minute wait to see Santa for less than 3 minutes. The girls loved it so I guess that was ok, but I just wanted it to be a bit more magical for them - especially as this is the 1st Christmas that Martha Grace understands.

Both girls told Santa that they would please like a Baby Annabelle for Christmas and promised to leave out a Mince Pie with some milk for Santa and to remember to leave Rudolph a carrot. When Santa gave them their presents they thought it was the Baby Annabelle they were getting there and then.

I tried to get some more photo's of the kids while we were there, they had so many lovely Christmas displays - but my children weren't being very co-operative and my Husbands patience was wearing very thin towards the end so it was time to make our way back to the car.

On the way home we treated the kids to a McDonalds, mainly because neither myself or Mark could be bothered with the thought of having to cook once we got home - besides, the kids love having a "picnic" in the car.

Martha's wound looks better and better as each day passes, so I'm starting to believe now that we will be home for Christmas. We started wrapping "Santa" presents last night, determined to finish on Wednesday night so that we can relax once the kids have gone to bed on Christmas Eve. I think Isabella is going to have us up stupidly early Christmas Day this year.

I haven't exactly been consistent with the Siblings project this year, but I'm hoping that 2016 will see me making more of an effort each month - especially now I have a camera that I love. Here's a look back over the photo's from the months that I did participate, it's been amazing to look over these today and see how much they've changed - especially Martha Grace. This is why I blog!


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