Looking forward to Christmas

We normally wait until it actually is December before bringing the Christmas Decorations out, but this year I'd seen so many other people sharing pictures of their homes decced out that I thought "why the hell not" and our tree went up on Sunday 29th November...the earliest it's ever been up.

I'll be totally honest and say that I don't really like too much Christmas decorations. I love our Twig tree that we bought last year and I like a few things on our Mantle Piece - THAT'S IT! I hate having to put it all away in the new year and having to find a home for everything after Santa has been and half the toys from Toys R Us needing a home also.

I'm not an Ebenezer Scrooge by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely reside in the "less is more" camp. I went to the kids' Christmas Fayre at the school last week and bought some lovely hand-made decorations which were all Heart themed and perfect for what I had in mind. Because I wasn't putting many decorations out I had the idea to buy new Christmassy cushions for the sofa so that there was some difference in our living room from the rest of the year.

These cushions are from Asda and I really love them, though I think Mark was quite ready to leave them on the floor in the Car Park on Saturday evening when I insisted on trying to fit 8 cushions, a pram plus a weekly shop for a family of 5 in the boot of our car.

We don't have a star at the top of our tree, but what we do have is an ornament for each child with their name on - we let them hang their own ornament on the tree and the girls loved it. Osh was with his Dad this weekend and I'd left his on the fireplace to hang on the tree when he came home - his face lit up when he came home and saw the tree was up already.

I fell in love with the mini-stockings when I saw them, and the fact that they had a little heart shape sewn on made them just perfect so I had to have three to hang on my fireplace. They're too small to actually fit anything in but I do think they look pretty. Also, by some miracle - the girls have left them alone...I had visions of Martha Grace actually trying to get them on her feet. I bought the heart shaped hessian "Noel" decoration from the lady at "Sisial" but unfortunately she only had the one.

This is one of my favourite pieces; I got this from a lady selling home-made decorations at "Sbia Del"  at the School and I'm really sad that she only had one as I'd love more of these.

The felt decorations have been fab for our twig tree as they hardly weigh anything at all it's not put any strain on the branches. We have a handful of these and they are just perfect.

This little guy is called Tubby, Osh made him in class and we bought him at the Christmas Fayre, he sit's on our Mantle Piece so the girls can reach him as his eyes and nose are just pins that have been pushed in to the Snowman's face. He's made out of a sock - Osh says they were clean.

That's it...a (twig) Tree, some new Cushions and mini-stockings - I'm saving my Christmas Cookie Yankee Candle for the nights spent wrapping Christmas presents as we watch Christmas films. We have a few small obstacles in our way but I am still hopeful that this year will be another Christmas spent at home.


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