Christmas Eve Basket 2015

It's a tradition that I started last year and after seeing how happy the kids were, how could I not make a Christmas Eve Basket for them again this year.

Christmas is going to be a little different in our house this year as Osh will be spending it as his Dad's house; he'll probably go there from mid-afternoon on Thursday which is Christmas Eve of course. Naturally I don't want him to miss out, so we'll pretend that it's Christmas Eve in our house Wednesday.

I'll leave the basket out in the lounge so the kids will see it when they come downstairs in the morning (though Isabella has helped me put it together today) The plan is to spend tomorrow watching the DVD's, reading the books and eating the chocolate treats. 

I thought I'd share what I've put inside their Christmas Eve Basket for them this year.

I used to love having new PJ's to wear to bed on Christmas Eve, I'd always have a bath and wash my hair and my Mam would put clean bedding on for me and I would always look forward to going to bed to wait for Santa to come. I don't know if my kids are actually fussed on having new PJ's (or clean bedding) at their age, but I want it to be something that they remember when they are older and have kids of their own.

I saw these slipper socks in Boots when we were at the Trafford Centre, we have laminate flooring in our lounge and kitchen and it can get quite cold underfoot in the winter (as well as quite slippery if you're just wearing socks) - the girls can wear these as they open their presents on Christmas Day.


I've been stocking up on Christmas Chocolates for the past few weeks, we've also had some presents from family and friends that I can tell through the packaging are chocolate selection boxes so I didn't want to get too many for our basket. I got them each a sachet of Hot Chocolate to enjoy with their film, a pack of chocolate coins, a tube of Maltesers for Osh and Chocolate Buttons for the girls.

I'll be totally honest and say that I would have never heard of "The night before Christmas" if it wasn't for "Friends". My Mam found the book for us last year and it's the perfect book for Christmas Eve reading. "Santa is coming to North Wales" is also compulsory Christmas Eve reading.

My all time favourite Christmas Eve film is the Muppets Christmas Carol; I love the song "After all there's only one more sleep till Christmas" The girls love watching The Snowman and Arthur Christmas is one Osh really enjoys. (I also love watching The Elf - but the girls really struggle to follow that as it's a bit grown up for them)

I've been busy cleaning yesterday and today so that I can dedicate tomorrow and Thursday to looking forward to Christmas with the kids. On Thursday morning we're off to our local Garden Centre for Breakfast with Santa and I cannot wait.

I'm feeling quite organised this year and I think that's helping me enjoy the festivities a bit more. I hope you're all ready for the big day.


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