Christmas 2015

After saving up all year and weeks of planning, I can't believe Christmas is over for another year. Osh spent Christmas Day at his Dad's this year so we celebrated Christmas on the day itself with the girls, then on Boxing Day we had another Christmas Day with Osh, my parents and Grandparents - we even stretched it out to have another Christmas Day on Bank Holiday Monday with Mark's family.

While I mostly enjoy Christmas Day, I do find my thoughts drifting to "God, I hope I get to enjoy Christmas at home again next year" and even more morbid "I hope I'm still a Mammi to three children when Christmas comes around again". I'd also feel a wave of guilt because we were at home when I know that there are so many families are in Hospital for Christmas. I have to keep reminding myself that we've spent one Christmas Day in hospital away from 2/3 of our kids...we don't know where we will be next Christmas and we can't take anything for granted so I have to make the most of Christmas Day at home this year.

I don't want this post to become a depressing one so I'll stop here I think and just share a handful of photo's for now. Santa Clause came and everyone was utterly spoilt - but the most important thing is that we were all at home, we all got to share another Christmas together.

This is the glass we leave out for Santa every year, I love that it's a Jack Daniel's one filled with Milk. We usually leave biscuits but the Santa we went to visit the week before said he wanted Mince Pie's so Isabella insisted that he should have a Mince Pie. We couldn't leave poor old Rudolph out so we left a carrot for him.

You have to have new PJ's for Christmas Eve - and with little girls so close in age they just have to be matching. Here they are freshly bathed ready for bed.

It wouldn't be Christmas Eve without the smell of Mark's Ham filling the house; he's a pro at it now and I love getting to pick at the caramelized chunks of meat, you know - to make sure it's cooked properly. 

I was expecting the girls to be awake at some silly time on Christmas Day because this year they understood that Santa was going to visit while they slept. At 8:15am I was the only one wide awake and I was really disappointed that I hadn't been woken up by two giggling little girls at 5:30am. We went to wake them at 8:40am and went downstairs to see if Santa had been. Isabella went straight for the largest present in her pile shouting "That's my Baby Annabelle" - she tore through the rest of her present at record speed. 

Martha Grace was the polar opposite, she started with the smaller things and really took her time to look at her present properly before moving on to open the next one.   

After the girls had opened their presents, me and Mark went to make them their breakfast. They had gone quiet and when I looked to see what they were up to I saw that they had sat themselves down next to each other to feed their Babies...if I'd have asked them to sit and pose like this for a photo I would have had a battle on my hands.

Osh came home on Boxing Day morning so we got to sit with him and re-live the excitement of Christmas morning. The girls tried to "help" him so I'm glad we had saved our presents from under the tree for Boxing Day or we would have had a war on our hands.  

The girls had each gotten a Liverpool football kit from Santa (as Daddy's insistence) and as they were playing on Boxing Day - we put the t-shirt on over their clothes for a little bit of good luck for Daddy. I don't know if it worked - I wasn't keeping up with the scores.

I'd had a new tripod and a remote control for my camera for Christmas and I really wanted to learn how to use them - the perfect excuse to grab the Hubby for a photo of the two of us. Isabella positioned herself behind the camera and was shouting "Do it again, but now kiss". I really can't wait for the weather to start behaving so we can go out and get some more photo's done.

I hope everyone is staying safe from Storm Frank, and thank you for your continued support.


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