Siblings || October 2015

I don't know if I'm being brave or naïve, but I'm sat up in my bed in the Patient Hotel at Great Ormond Street Hospital typing up my Siblings post, the night before the youngest member of our little gang is due in for Heart Surgery. I wanted to get live earlier in the week but just haven't had the time.

This sequence of photos was taken during our walk to Newborough Forest on Sunday. As you can see even with my
DSLR camera, the pictures haven't changed and I still struggle to get a photo of all three of them looking at the camera at once...or smiling. I just hope that I get the opportunity to take photos of my three together again, soon.

Earlier this evening we met with one of the surgeons who will be operating tomorrow. We discussed what would be done tomorrow and we signed the consent forms. Martha Grace is first on the list for the day so will probably go to theatre at 8:30am. We'll wake her up for a drink at 6am, give her a bath and take her to the Hospital for 7:30am. 

One thing I hadn't realised (though it makes sense to me now) is that re-operations can take longer because of all the scar tissue and adhesions they have to get through from previous procedures. Also, with every operation the mortality rate increases (we're up to 5% now - which is massive by GOSH's standards.)

The Surgeon did say today that as Martha gets older, they can resect more muscle during the operation so the rate at which it grows back slows down. Which is a positive in our eyes.

Martha is fast asleep in the travel cot, Osh is with his Dad for the night and Isabella is with my Grandparents. I can't wait to have my babies all together again. 

Thank you for all your well wishes.


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