A walk in Newborough Forest

I was meant to be in London with Martha Grace this weekend. Although I'd managed to sort out my annual leave and get a couple of shift's sorted at the last minute I ended up having Sunday off. Because they are a rarity I don't really like to let them go to waste, I need to get us out of the house even if it's just for a few hours.

Isabella had a new Double Buggy for her Birthday (which hasn't been yet, but she's had her present because we won't be with her on the day) and we thought we'd let her bring it out for the afternoon with us.

I packed a little picnic and filled a flask with hot water and headed for Newborough Forest. 

I bought the Canon EF 50mm lens when I got my DSLR so the Kit lens rarely get's used. Today though I thought I'd bring the Kit lens with me and learn how to use that, I changed the settings to TV (shutter priority) and set it at 1/250.

Most of the time Isabella refuses to sit still for a photo for me, but there is the odd occasion where she will let me snap away while she poses.

We came across this den and Osh was made up with it, he decided that this was the spot where we should have our picnic.

Martha Grace is such a dawdler. She stopped every few steps, not because she was tired but because she was having a right old nosey at everything. This girl will not be rushed and will only ever go at her own speed. 

When we got back home I got started on cooking a roast dinner while Martha had a nap, Osh did his homework and Isabella watched the Spice Girls movie for the 5th time this week. 

When Martha's operations get cancelled at the last minute I feel like it's an opportunity from God to go out and make some more memories. I have all the best intentions of making it a picture perfect afternoon, the kids will behave and smile for their photo and their clothes (and faces) will stay nice and clean. But in reality; someone stands in dog poo, another falls over and gets their coats muddy and then refuses to push her dolly's pram (or walk) so that Mark and me and taking it in turns to carry her or her pram. This is life though isn't it, it isn't picture perfect.

Though something that both Mark and myself agree on is that if we weren't heading back down to London for Open Heart Surgery this week - our lives would be perfect!


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