Ti a Fi (Mother and Toddler group)

Martha Grace is an August baby. While Isabella had a full year at nursery school before being moved up to the nursery class at the primary school - Martha will only have 6 months.

I'd been saying all summer that once Martha has recovered from her operation I would start taking her to the Mother and Toddler group run by the nursery school. Now that Isabella is in school every afternoon I have time to go on a Friday afternoon. I want her to get used to the surroundings and the other children there before she has to go on her own in February.

 She's so used to the concept of "going to school" because we take and collect Osh and Isabella everyday, I
really wanted to make a big deal out of this for her too - so I told her we were going to school. I even let her take a little Cath Kidston bag with her (there's nothing in it mind)

I know it's not really school and I know I might be making it difficult for us when the time comes and Mammi goes home leaving Martha in school; but you see - this might be the closest I get to actually taking her to school!

Anyway, she had a lovely time. She played with some dolly's and made a round of pretend panad's, she sat at the table having a drink of juice and a biscuit with another little girl her age. I got to be a Mammi doing regular stuff with her toddler daughter for an afternoon.

I picked up the forms to register Martha Grace for a place in the Nursery School next term (she'll start after the February half term) and I got a chance to speak to one of the teachers. I mentioned that I'd ideally like to have Martha in the morning sessions so that she can still have an afternoon nap. I also asked if they were happy to even take Martha what with her medical condition - she told me that as long as I they have my permission to dial 999 in the event of an emergency then they are happy to take her.

Martha slept for a good hour and a half when we got back to my Nain and Taid's house, she was not impressed when I woke her but I had to because it was almost dinner time. 

For as long as we are home now I'm going to continue taking her, I can't spend my life waiting around for a call from London or I'll never get anything done and then I'm just wasting our precious time.


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