The potty training diaries || First Day

I was planning on waiting until after her operation before starting with potty training Martha Grace, we were worried that if she had her operation when she was half way through the potty training it would cause her to regress and we'll be back to the start. 

But we still haven't had a new date from GOSH and it's almost October, she's meant to be starting nursery school in February and I'd like her to be fully potty trained by then (although they do accept kids who are still using pull up pants, if they soil themselves we as parents need to be able to come to the school to clean them up and change them)

Osh and Isabella were a tiny bit older when we started potty training them, to be fair to them I don't remember it being a difficult task. We'd have the odd accident but in a little over a week we did a really
good job and mastered the use of the potty.

On Friday I went out to buy Martha Grace her very own potty, a packet of Huggies Pull-ups and a set of little girly Knickers for her - the plan was to begin potty training today (Monday) I always prefer to start things like this on a Monday for some reason, it bugs me starting half way through the week.

I've rolled up the rug from the middle of our living room - we have laminate flooring downstairs so any accidents can be easily spotted and cleaned up. I've left her potty in the middle of the living room where she can see it and easily get to it. She's also been bare-ar**d all morning so that she doesn't have to panic about getting her pull-ups down if she suddenly has the urge to go (I don't want to put her knickers on her just yet because I know she'll have so many accidents - it's not practical with a broken washing machine)

It's the middle of the afternoon as I type this up and Martha Grace is fast asleep in her bed, we've only been doing it for the morning.

I started straight after breakfast by putting her to sit on the potty and she really did not want to sit on it, but after a little bit of coercing she came around to the idea. She's taken herself to sit on the potty a handful of times declaring "I need to do a pee" only to say a few moments later "It's not coming"...but she's also had a couple of accidents too so she is peeing at least (I'm a Heart Parent...if my child pee's it means her battered kidneys are working, and frankly she can pee anywhere in the house as long as she has a pee)

When she wakes up from her nap I'll put her back on the potty with a drink and a snack, leave her bare-ar**d again and pick up from where we left off. I know from experience that when it comes to potty training that consistency is key. 

I think it took me a little over a week with Isabella, if Martha happens to take longer then so be it. I know she'll get there. I'm actually kind of hoping that when she recovers from her operation that she'll want to use the toilet so it will make her get up and about quicker.

Tell you what though...potty training my last baby - all kinds of mixed emotions going on right now.


Disclaimer: If you're offended by the fact I'm sharing too much personal information, please feel free to not read the Potty Training Diaries. However, I know that out there right now a Mother and Father are waiting to meet their baby who will be born with a Heart Defect and I want them to see that even after everything Martha went through - she's still doing regular stuff like Heart Healthy children her age. Thanks.

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